BBM tracking

What is BBM?

It’s a popular instant messenger used in Blackberry devices. BBM is short for BlackBerry Messenger. It’s a typical instant messenger like WhatsApp, Viber and iMessage. IT gives users a chance to send short messages and different types of media using network connection. People of different age use BBM (and similar types of apps) cause it’s more private than usual SMS – it helps to keep communication in secret.

Why do you need to spy on BBM?

bbm_tracking Here are some reasons:

  • You want to protect your kid from blackmailing or intimidation;
  • You’re afraid that your teenager has something to do with drugs and you desperately need to be sure;
  • You feel suspicious about your employees who spend too much time chatting through mobile devices;
  • Your employees are suspected in sharing company’s personal information with competitors;
  • Your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend spends too much time with her phone and doesn’t allow you to touch it and frank conversations don’t work.

Appropriate spyware will help you deal with such situations.

What apps can be helpful in spying on BBM?

Almost all of the popular approved spy apps have this option. The most famous are:

  • FlexiSPY
  • Spyera
  • Mobistealth
  • mSPY…

Before using the app you should make sure that BBM spying option is included.

How does BBM spy work?

Almost all the BBM spy apps have basic functions and some special options (they are not always necessary but some of them can be really useful, be attentive reading the full description of each app). Let’s take one as an example.

SpyEra is undetectable and powerful at a time. What does it give?

  • Listening to the calls (you’ll get a secret SMS alert about the start of the conversation on a target device);
  • Spying on chats and saving text messages even if the user of the target device doesn’t save history (by the way, only SpyEra has this option);
  • Spying on statuses, sent stickers and emoticons;
  • Tracking location through GPS;

bbm-spyThis app allows you not only to track BBM chats but to get almost ALL the information you need from the target BlackBerry device including SMS, calls history, media and installed applications.

FlexiSpy – one of the leading phone tracking apps – is also able to track BBM conversations through the control panel in your browser. It’s totally undetectable. It captures all chats including emoticons and media. The only trouble in here is that BBM chats are only captured after the ending of the conversation – on-line spying isn’t yet available for FlexiSpy.

Before you choose the appropriate app, think everything over as thoroughly as you can, cause you don’t want to pay much for the options you won’t need. Spying on BBM chats finally became possible and approved spying apps have a wide variety of options to your taste – make your choice wisely.

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