How can a person track Viber chats?

Gone are days when we wrote letters and sent telegrams. Today we have other options for communication and all of them are more effective, quicker and offer more possibilities. We can chat, send media files and create group conversations. Viber is one of the most popular applications for instant chatting. It can be installed into any device that runs on Android, OS, Symbian, Blackberry or other popular operating system. It is free and requires only Internet connection or Wi-Fi. That is why greater part of smartphone users use Viber as one of the IM chats. And of course, there are many users who would like to track Viber chats. If you are one of them – keep reading our article and you will definitely find something interesting to you.

Methods for tracking messages

viber-out Today you can find many applications that offer access to Viber accounts of other people. In order to use app to track Viber chats you need to install this app into target device. From that moment you will start to receive regular reports about messages that your target receives, contacts, calls and shared files. You can always set when you want receive reports and notifications about activities in Viber.

Options offered by tracking apps

Those who use different types of software to track Viber chats admit that almost all of them offer the same options. However, there are some differences in interface and settings. Among the options that are generally provided by software of this type we may outline the following:

  • Records of the calls
  • History of calls and messages
  • Texts of received and sent messages

Besides, software that is used to track Viber chats is frequently used also for tracking other applications and monitor activities of the target devices. We recommend that you check additional options of the spyware that you want to use for tracking Viber.

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