Installing Monitoring app on iPhone or Android

If you have ever been interested in spying, you’d probably looked for some information concerning mobile tracking. Today, monitoring smartphone or tablet is probably the best way to find all the information about a person. We keep everything in our gadgets – contacts of the closest friends, business correspondence, photos and videos, we access through the mobile gadgets to our social network accounts, take notes on the upcoming events, and of course use them for browsing the Internet. That is why, if you want to spy on someone, the first thing you need to do is to install software on his phone or tablet.

Different devices – different software

The most important thing that you need to remember before you start to install tracking software into the device is that iPhone and Android phone require different applications. Modern spyware providers generally offer application for all the OS of the mobile devices. However, only two of them are presented at any of the providers – iOS and android. The matter is that these are the most popular and the most frequently used operating systems, and the number of their users comparing to the number of those who use Windows Mobile or Blackberry is fantastic.

Are there some differences?

Installing a Monitoring app Perhaps the most important difference that should be mentioned is that when you install software for the IOS device you need to decide whether you need jailbreak app or non-jailbreak app. It depends on your intentions and aims: if you want to get really everything about the person you’d better choose the first option, and if you need to know just some basic info without breaking the system of protection of iPhone, choose non-jailbreak software. Android users depending on their spying requirements may need rooting. Of course android monitoring is possible without that, but you will get only basic tracking functions.

How does the process of the installation go?

As soon as you have chosen the best cell phone tracker for your spying needs and completed all the required pre-installation steps, you should do the following

  • Buy the package/subscription you want
  • Get a download link of the spyware in an email
  • Download and install the spy app onto the target device
  • Configure all necessary options and settings
  • Re-boot the phone
  • Sign in to the online account to view reports

In any case, we highly recommend you to follow the specific steps of the spyware company, you have chosen. If you have any questions, you should contact support team for more detailed info.

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