Internet threats – why should we know about them

Internet is now one of the most important parts of our social lives. We spend hours communicating with our friends online, buy goods, book apartments, watch TV-series and encounter new people. And we always should remember that our kids are doing the same: they chat, flirt, and even contact with strangers. Can we prevent undesirable online conversations and protect our children from the negative impact of Internet? Yes, we can. If we use special tracking software installed on your kid’s phone.

Types of spying software

Internet threats Tracking software which you may use for spying is various. Each provider tries to add some new features to make app really effective for the user. We may distinguish several types of software according to the services they provide and OS they run on. Monitoring software is usually developed for the devices on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Blackberry. However, not all the providers have software for all the popular OS so you have to check this information before you buy the license.

How can we monitor chats and contacts?

With the functions of spying software you can actually track all the activity on the target device to make sure that nothing offensive is happening. You can monitor contact list, check people who write messages and call to your kid, and view profiles of contacts on social networks. To do all that you just need to install special software on the phone of your kid. Pay attention that monitoring underage children is absolutely legal, so you won’t violate any rules spying on your kid secretly. However, if you want to spy on the adult, you need to inform him or her about what you are going to do so, because spying in this case is prohibited by the law.

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