The app which helps you be an invisible spier on your wife

If sometimes you have any mistrust towards your wife, now you have a helper. It lets you know all the information from your wife’s telephone: calls, messages, any other kinds of activities which your lover has with her phone during a day. The name of this helper is Spyera.

What it takes you and how it works

A spying app is not a dream anymore. If you think it is not true, Spyera can change your mind. Now you can spy upon your beloved person’s phone activity absolutely invisible. wife-texts Spyera works even without any personal information about the object. This spying software can get all the data from the target telephone. It takes you information about all the messages and calls. With Spyera you can see all transferring activity from your wife’s phone.

So, you have any suspicions or any assumptions that your wife tells you lie or hides any private information which makes you upset. Then Spyera can help you destroy these suspicions or make sure that you were right in your guesses. You can read texts of all her messages with all attached information: sender’s data, time of receiving and text itself.

The way to use Spyera for reading messages

This app works with the transferring internet data online and get all current information from the target phone to yours. Spyera gives you opportunity to read the text messages, see the list of Internet browser and so on. For this you should get Spyera control panel and choose all objects which you want to see. This can be any information about GPS, calls, texts of messages, list of phonebook, history of Internet browsing, e-mails, mobile chats, multimedia transferring, recordings and others.

How to download Spyera

You should download Spyera from the official website. It takes you approximately five minutes. If you have physical access to your wife’s phone, and it is jailbroken or rooted you can install the app freely. You will be able to download the application on your phone and choose a list of information you want to receive from your wife’s telephone. You will get an e-mail with installation details. Also in the control panel you can uninstall the app.

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