Is phone tap software real?

We have been wondering for a long period of time whether we can track all the activities performed at someone else’s device. For some people it seems to be a dream, but there are those who know that phone tap software is absolutely real.

How tapping software works?

Monitoring software works according to the principles of all other applications. To be able to use it, you need to download exe file and install in into the target device. Here comes the trick: when phone tap software should be activated.

Some of the software providers allow users to enjoy the benefits of demo mode, trial version (mSpy for free), or several days free access, but sooner or later you need to buy the license to be able to activate software and continue using its functions.

Pay attention that tracking software should be undetectable. Mostly, providers take care to make it hidden so the person does not really know that this type of software is activated on the device.

What types of monitoring software exist?

In fact, tracking software can be distinguished according to the OS on which the device is running. In this way, you phone-tap may choose phone tap software for Android devices, iPhone, iPad and other devices running on IOS, Windows Phone and Symbian, Blackberry and some other less popular operating systems.

The other difference among the software providers is set of the functions that software is offering. Basic options are generally the same: access to some of the IM chats, access to phone messages, access to calls and contacts. Some of the monitoring software developers also provide access to the files kept on the phone and possibility to check social networks (FlexiSpy).

However, greater part of phone tap software developers provide users with premium packages where all the possible functions are provided. As a rule, premium package includes access to all the IM, information kept on the phone, call tracking option with the possibility to record calls and listen them up later, and even key logging function to get the login information to each app or website.

Why should you use a license?

One of the most intriguing questions is the necessity to buy licensed software. Of course, you may find some offers of free to pay applications that may be downloaded and installed for free, and all the options which you may enjoy are also free. However, this is the thing that you should be aware of: reliable free tracking software do not exist, and if you see that some app promises you are full access to all the activities performed at the device, and you need to pay nothing, it is probably one of the viral apps.

If you are not sure whether you need tracking type of software or not, you’d better choose apps that provide users with the possibility to test functions for at least a couple of days. It will be enough for you to determine whether you should buy the full license or monitoring another person is not for you.

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