Pros and Cons of Kids’ Snapchat Tracking

What should you know about the tricks of Snapchat if your kids choose to use it.

snapchat-kids With the growth of social media communication, which helps people to connect easily and closer, new revolutionary ways of linking are developed. The major part of the participants and users of these new apps for communications are teenagers and even younger children, who can be not aware of some tricks of the definite applications.

Visual messaging via Snapchat

To share the precious moments of your life is very convenient due to the special visual application of Snapshots when the picture or shot sent to the phone is deleted after it was viewed. It usually takes up to 10 seconds after being opened on the other phone. The app is very convenient as files with photos do not need extra space on your telephone and extra efforts and time for managing sets of files.

What kids might not know about Snapchat

Unfortunately the belief that Snapchat’s feature of deleting messages immediately after being opened by the receiver is not entirely truthful and the danger of using messages for harmful purposes still exists. Receivers can not save videos or images from a sender, but they still are able to take a screenshot on their phones and save what they want. Users of rooted Android phones have the capacity of recording their screens, thus a video file that is sent to them in hope to disappear forever in 10 seconds, may just be recorded on the phone if it is wished. So you never can be sure that some shared moments will not be recorded or viewed again in different situations or used later for inappropriate aims.

Ways to prevent hidden tricks

kids-snapchat Snapchat tries to overturn the plans of a violator by informing the sender when the recipient has tried to take a shot of the phone’s screen when the sender’s video was playing. It helps to warn the people that in case of sending provocative or inappropriate images they were tricky saved.

The bad news is that it is no way to check if the receiver has deleted the image.

Moreover, perpetrator can use his digital camera to record Snapchat files or take pictures of his own phone’s screen. In such case the sender will not know about this trick. It is impossible to monitor rooted Android phones if they record their screens while videos are being played or picture is viewed.

Monitoring applications on parents phones, like mSpy will surely help them to keep an eye on the potential threats. You can monitor your child’s phone with mSpy in order to prevent your kid from using applications for something wrong or careless before it happens.

Warn your children about potential dangers

It is a duty of a parent to prepare the child for the life in the social surrounding with all its cons and pros. Caring parents always know how important is to keep trust and openness between them and their children and it is necessary to talk about these hidden issues and threats with kids.

Such apps are common for sexting which becomes popular with teenagers and young people. Your daughter may find her innocent snapchat messages circulating in the internet and really have a psychological trauma.

Bullying is one more issue which is possible with this application.

If such problems arise, parents should ease the burden of their suffering children especially if grownups haven’t notify them beforehand. Keeping fear and hurt inside can lead to devastating results and spoil the ioy and happiness of the youth. If they are warned in advance about all possible consequences of sending anything inappropriate to anyone, their communication can be pleasant and enjoyable.

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