Mobile phone spying: how to control your kids or employees

kids-controlNowadays almost everyone has at least one mobile phone for personal use or work. Some years ago only security companies or investigative authorities had the access to spying software. Today you may install it on your computer and control people you are interested in. Only one access to the target phone and you receive all the data (remote installation is also possible).

Once you install the app you can spy on calls, SMS, Emails, GPS location, photos and videos, monitor internet use, address book and calendar. Moreover, some programs allow you to spy on passwords entered on the mobile. mSpy is one of the well-known software which is simple for installation and use. You may choose from different options depending on your goals.

How does it work?

First of all, make sure that the software is compatible with the target phone (Android, Mac OS, Windows). The device should be connected to the Internet and jailbroken if possible. If you have Android only a physical access is suitable. You will need just 10-15 minutes to install the program. The user of the mobile will not come to know about your spying activity as the app remains hidden in the background. After the installation you will have a login and a password to the account (Control Panel).

employee-controlThe app works worldwide provided that the target device is plugged in and connected to the Internet. mSpy collects the data from the target device to the website which you can access from any browser. As a parental control program it also blocks certain websites and marks “forbidden” geo-locations (you will get an instant alert as soon as your kid enters such areas).


The software update depends on jailbreak. If your target device is jailbroken, you can receive the updated information using Update Interval option. Don’t install short update intervals because the battery will be low soon. If the phone is not jailbroken the information is updated within 24 hours of the latest back up. It usually takes time because the data may occupy gigabytes and wi-fi connection may be poor.

You can monitor as many devices as you need by purchasing an appropriate number of subscriptions.

Legal Aspects

Please note that you may use mSpy in the following situations:

  • If you are a parent and want to control your kinds.
  • If you want to check your spouse or partner (only if they know that they are monitored).
  • If you are an employer and want to control your employees to prevent any frauds or robberies or increase their efficiency.

If the target device belongs to you, the use of the program is legal.

Before purchasing, make sure that the app has enough features and options. With mSpy installed on the monitored device, you will get a complete package for all your needs.

You can also visit the official website and consult the technical support to know everything about the software.

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