Do we have a moral right to spy on our relatives?

An average person considers spying a lawful act that violates personal borders and interferes into personal life of a target. However, almost all of them change their minds when we start to speak about monitoring the closest people – relatives, kids, spouses, and spouses. Nowadays tracking is one of the methods to be sure that your folks are OK, no matter where they are staying at the moment.

Why do people spy?

The increase in crime is horrifying. Each second person has been a victim or a witness of crime at least once. Number of kidnappers is also growing, and that is perhaps the thing that makes us install spying software at our kids’ phones, spouses’ devices and smartphones that our parents use. The average number of missed persons in the U.S. is 90.000. For the last few years this data has risen, and there are prerequisites to think that in the nearest future this number will grow. However, we can take it under control starting to monitor our relatives.

Shocking statistics

The best answer to the question “Is it morally to spy on our relatives?” is the statistics provided by the authorities. Among that average number of 90.000 people who are missing each moment, 40% are children, and 60% those who are older than 18. Each year about 750.000 are gone missing. And just imagine how the situation could change if all of us have controlled our folks with GPS trackers

Child abduction

When we start to talk about child abduction, the movie ‘Lovely Bones’ (2009, directed by Peter Jackson ) about trustful kid who end up her life in the shelter of pedophile. Today the situation is even worse: your child may be harassed not only in the real life where you have all the possibilities to protect him, but also online. The statistics shows that 20% of underage Internet users had been abducted sexually online. If you can control the device of your child, you can check all the people who try to contact him, check sent messages and prevent situations that may harm your kid. Besides, installing monitoring software at the device of underage child is permitted by the law.

Abduction of women

48% of missing persons are women. And in most cases, they are abducted not only physically but also sexually. Do you remember movie ‘The Collector’ (1965, directed by William Wyler, based on the novel by John Fowles. This movie describes the situation when a psycho takes his victim at his hostage but do not harm her physically. Vice versa, he tries to show that he is in love with her and does not want to harm her. At the same time we see the sufferings of the woman who is under mental preassure 24/7. Although the movie has been released about 50 years, it depicts the situation of women abduction quite clearly. If you install spying software at the phone of your daughter, wife or mother, you will be able to protect her in some unpredictable case. So now we have got the definite answer to the question “Do we have a moral right to spy on our relatives?” We do have this right, and even more – we are obliged to do that.

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