Pokémon Go dangers: save your kids with a cell phone spy

Mobile market of today develops like crazy wiping away the boundaries between real and digital life. We get maximum pleasure from different apps paying no attention to personal safety. Pokémon Go is a new trend in the world of mobile apps. How does it happen that you may need spyware to prevent your kid from getting into serious trouble?

Pokémon Go – What Is It?

Pokemon-Go-8-640x358 It’s a free reality game for mobile devices available for iOS and Android mobile platforms. It gives a unique opportunity to find, catch and train your personal Pokémon in real-life locations simply walking along the streets and visiting the landmarks of your hometown. You simply get a notification about a Pokémon nearby and catch it with the help of your mobile camera. Sounds amusing, isn’t it?

At some certain location points (called PokéStops), you’ll be able to collect Poké balls and eggs that will grow on condition that you walk a certain amount of kilometers. The app is configured for walking only – you can’t simply get on a bus and start growing your egg – Pokémon Go identifies it as cheating, cause it can check your speed through GPS.

The app also uses GPS to get you to the so-called gyms. They are located all over the place you live and give an opportunity to train your Pokémon pets and increase their level and skills.

The game can be played free with no restrictions (except for the extra stuff you can buy, but it’s not obligatory). That’s the reason why it’s so attractive for kids.

Is It Dangerous?

Here’s a list of possible dangers, so if your kid is already stuck into this, read further:

  • GPS often leads the players to confusing locations like cemeteries for example. Sometimes it could lead to a terrible psychological trauma.

  • It also leads the Pokémon hunters to dangerous points where they can hurt themselves by falling down somewhere or getting into a car accident being devoured by the process of hunting.

  • PokéStops are quite often situated in life-threatening criminal districts where they can simply be shot down or killed by accident.

  • The game itself is full of bugs which may cause stress to your kids.

  • Conflicts between the hunters are highly possible. The game often leads the players to the same location points where only one of them can get a desired Pokémon. This rivalry can provoke accidental fighting and argument.

  • More than 200 hundred fake variants of the game appeared after the official release of Pokémon Go. Fake software can contain malicious software.

  • After all, the gameplay is a way too shallow for a kid and even for a teenager. It may provoke them to buy some extra game staff without asking for your permission.

Protect Your Kids with Spyware from Pokémon Go

pokemon Caring parents from all over the world have already heard about all those tragic incidents because of Pokémon Go. What can spy apps suggest except for the basic tracking functions and how can they be helpful in protecting the kids from the captivating game?

One of the most popular spy apps for today is mSpy. It provides its users with a wide range of options. Basic options are almost always the same for all the approved tracking applications. Now we’re going to speak about certain functions that can resolve the situation described above.

Remote control

Remote control allows you to fully control the target device. You’ll be able to block it using the control panel in your browser. You may need it in case if you feel like something’s going wrong with you kids’ mobile phone. You can also block some certain cellphone functions like GPS. This will prevent your kid from playing.

Block that App!

Gives a total control over all of the installed apps on the target phone. You can pick any app you need and let mSpy block it once and for all if it’s harmful for your child.

Stay Aware

mSpy also gives a chance to find out about the latest apps installed on the device. This way you’ll be able to control your kid and his or her activity in the world of unstable mobile apps.


Is It Legal?

Let’s put it this way – tracking your kid’s activity is OK for a loving parent, that’s why it’s not considered to be an illegal action. You are the owner of the device that your kid is using and mSpy is an officially approved pre-paid application that you use on your personal device. So. it’s totally legal from a legal standpoint.

A tricky thing here is that your kid may feel confused and even hurt by such care. The best tip here is to make Pokémon Go an active family game to play in the evenings or on weekends. You should supervise your kids to make sure they’re out of danger. Playing Pokémon Go all alone provokes a false sense of security, cause this game managed to unite the players of all age ranges.

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