How to use skype monitoring apps to track employees?

Everyone uses Internet for their own needs at work: browsing web, checking social networks, communicating with friends via instant messengers. Skype app downloads perhaps at each PC or laptop for working communication, but most of the employees also use it to send messages to their friends. In most cases that does not have influence at work process and does not harm the work itself, but some employees may go beyond their orders starting to share private info or spend too much time chatting with on topic not connected with work.

Of course, you may limit Internet access to your employees, block some websites and apps, but it does not have positive impact on your business. It is better to provide your employees with freedom, but at the same time to control how they use this freedom. Install special app to monitor how much time they spend chatting with their friends and what information they share. Perhaps, you find out that some of your employees is not such honest as you thought he is. Use Skype monitoring apps to track employees and get control over your business!

When to start using tracking apps?

There is a dilemma – what time is the most effective to start using tracking applications. We believe, that it is better to install monitoring apps at the devices which you provide your employees with as soon as you notice that there is something you should worry about. The most effective way is to install this software at all the devices when you prepare them to first appearance at work. If you use Skype monitoring apps to track employees from the first days of their employment, you may find out more about personal qualities of this person. skype-monitoring

If you have a lot of employees who have been working for a long time, use the function of reading Skype history after the tracking software is installed onto the device. In this way, you will be able to find out whom of your colleagues uses Skype in his personal needs. Almost all software providers offer the possibility to track Skype history.

Legacy issues

For the employers who want to use Skype monitoring apps to track employees legacy issues are of the high importance. The matter is that spying on people is illegal in most states. On the other hand, all the devices which employer provides to his employees belong to him, and he may install any software at them, even the tracking one. Still, if employer uses his personal Skype account, monitoring it may be considered as illegal action. In any case we recommend that you announce your employees that you are monitoring devices of the company, and prevent that all the information kept on the device belongs to the owner of the device.

Tracking Skype accounts of your employees may become of the key solutions to the problem of leaking business information, controlling how the employee communicates with partners and clients, and even how much time he actually spends on work.


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