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spy for windows phones The spying technologies continue to develop. It is hard to believe that several years ago there was almost no possibility to track some other person life, but today the options are multiple. It is enough to install tracking software at the device that a person carries with his all the time – tablet or smartphone. You just need to choose the software according to the OS that is used on the device. If the targeted device is Microsoft of Nokia smartphone, than you probably need to download software to spy for Windows Phone. For the past two year Windows Phone has become of one of the popular operating systems, taking the place of Blackberry and Symbian.

What services tracking Windows Phone software provides

Windows Mobile is another platform that does not require special efforts to install the software and track the gadget. You just need a couple of minutes to run the software at the device, and later on you will be able to track the software remotely.


With tracking software you will be able to monitor not only to browse the history of calls, but also to records them and listen to them whenever you want.


When you start to spy on Windows Phone, you start to receive all the messages that a target receives. These messages include those ones sent via IM chats, emails, and SMS.

Multimedia files

You will get access to all the files kept on the devices as long as to the files that have been sent, downloaded or received with the target gadget.


Browsing history and history of the visited websites will also be available to you.


This is one of the most useful options for parents. With GPS tracker it is possible to know the exact place of where the target device is right now.

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