Spying on iPhone 6/6+ now is possible with FlexiSpy

If your closest ones admire all new devices released by Apple, you probably are slightly confused with the absence of spying software that is compatible with the newest iOS 8.4. However, today this problem should not bother you as FlexiSpy has released a new version of tracking software to spy on iPhone6. It now can be installed onto any new iPhone and the devices that have been updated to the newest iOS version. Today more that 84% of all Apple devices are running on iOS 8 and higher versions, and FlexiSpy will gladly provide the software to track the newest versions of iOS.

What new FlexiSpy software for iOS 8.4 devices can offer?

New FlexiSpy has exceeded all the expectations of users – it has acquired all the features that have been available with the previous version of the spyware. Spy on iPhone 6 To spy on iPhone 6+ or it’s lightest version iPhone 6 is now easy – just install the FlexiSpy software and get the details of the chats, internet activity, calls, and even some shared files! As you probably know iPhone is not the easiest device to spy on, however the FlexiSpy software has got the idea on the application should work to get all the necessary information and not to be noticed by the person on whose device the software is installed.

What iOS does new FlexiSpy support?

As it has been mentioned before, new FlexiSpy software can be used to spy on iPhone 6+. It means that any Apple device that has been updated to iOS 8.4 can be monitored with the tracking software. Besides, the upgraded FlexiSpy can also be used for the devices that run on the iOS that was not updated. It is really useful, because even if you are not sure that you target uses the newest device and has updated the iOS to 8.4, you can but the software and install it, and it will work! Just try it to spy on iPhone 6 and discover the world of information and proven data!

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