How to stalk your spouse web browsing?

stalk souse webbrowsing Have your ever felt that your wife is cheating on you? Do you notice that she spends too much time chatting with some friends, but you even do not know their names? Are you wondering how can you define the truth without the necessity to ask her directly? We know the answer – stalk your spouse web browsing with special monitoring software that may be installed both on her phone and computer. Tracking sites which he or she visits, you will also see names of users of different social networks and emails with whom he or she communicates.

Stalking is perhaps the best way to find out the truth about your spouse’s relationship with other people. She or he will never find out that you have been interested in that, as spying software is absolutely undetectable. Of course, you’d better notify your wife or husband that you are going to use such type of software to track GPS signal of the mobile device or control interference of viruses at the PC. Really, spying software can not only stalk your spouse web browsing, but also provide very useful information concerning the device where it is installed.

What information can you detect?

When you start to stalk your spouse web browsing, you receive access to the history of all the websites and applications that your spouse has ever visited, and all the files that he or she has ever downloaded. Except for the current data, you will get access to the information that has been kept at the register of the browser.

Spying software for tracking web history works effectively both with PC and mobile versions of browsers. Make sure that your husband does not spend time chatting with hot chits at the websites for adults, and your wife does not communicate with men at the sites for dating.

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